Primary Key Stage 2 - Project Shield 

Project Shield Proposal 

Primary Schools Key Stage 2 - Fall injury Prevention Training 

Project Shield, is a proposal to provide specialised training, integrated in to the curriculum of primary school PE classes designed to train Key stage 2 students, years 4,5,6, how to fall safely. Programming automated fall responses that will dramatically reduce students risk of injury requiring medical treatment. There by protecting students while at the same time reducing the burden on the NHS of fall related injuries requiring emergency and follow up treatment. 

This training is derived from Judo. which was developed by Jigoro Kano in the 1890’s. please read the below attachment for more information. 

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Here at Cardiff Central Martial Arts, we offer a variety of services to help promote the sport of Judo and its many benefits within the school environment. The fonder of Japanese Judo, Jigero Kano was in fact a school teacher and educator, who ended up as a minister for education for his country. Judo is now taught to all children in Japanese schools and is currently available in 168 countries around the world. Our services include.

- School Assembly Presentations 

- School PE Lessons 

- PPA Cover 

- Lunch Time Classes 

- After School Clubs

We have been successfully delivering in both Primary & Secondary Schools for over six years and have adapted to meet the specific needs of the educational environment. What ever your circumstances we have a solution to suit that will make judo available to your students, but don't take our word for it, see what some of your fellow teachers have to say about Judo in their schools and do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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Students at High Cross school, we now have 20 students doing Judo at the school and we are delighted that some are starting to compete representing their club and their school in regional competitions. Students pictured celebrating with their medal winner Jessica Skinner from Judo Competition at Dragon Academy, Students pictured with CCMA Coach, Judo Jack.

Doing Great Guys

Keep it up  Sensei Jon.A

Students at St Davids Primary school, have been representing their school, family and country, competing Nationally and Internationally and few have been selected to train with the Welsh squad. Students pictured celebrating with their medals. Students pictured with CCMA Coach, Judo Jack & Luke Comfort, great work guys, keep it up - Sensei Jon.A