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Just have to say a massive well done to CCMA Level 1 Coach, Alex Rees, who competed at the Scottish Open over the weekend. Took 5th in the under 100 kilo against a strong international field. First time fighting out of Wales and Alex stepped up gained some great experience, some more points towards his Dan grade and as Alex always does, he had a ball while he was doing it.
Congratulations to Evan for receiving the 2017 CCMA trophy Award for Spirit of Judo and Most Improved Player of the year. Evan has shown great commitment and dedication and took Gold in the Welsh National Championship and is now number 1 in his weight category in Wales and managed to achieve this amazing title in under 12 months. Keep up the good work champ! 
Your CCMA Coaches.
Great day of Judo yesterday, congratulations to all the students that succesfully completed their grading at Judo Camp over half term. schools classes were followed by the Junior class at Central Dojo, which last night had 43 students, great turn out at the senior and cadets class too.. Today we will be teaching at St Bernadettes school, followed by junior class at Central at 6:30 and the seniors at 7:30 bring your ippon's its Randori night. Many Thanks Jon.A

Hi all, just wanted t say thank you to all the players, parents and CCMA coaches, for supporting our camp last week. Great 3 day camp with 167 students attending over the three days. Hope everyone had a great half term break, classes at schools and Dojo for Juniors cadets and seniors are now running as normal and we look forward to seeing you all on the mat soon.

Hi all just wanted to say a massive well done to John, Jack and Micheal, who did a great job at the resent Charity event at Cardiff. all medaled despite a field of more experienced competitors. Great job guys keep up the hard work and you will continue to progress.

Hi all, just need to say a massive well done to Luke and Alex, They have both worked really hard training between 3 and 5 times a week for months and months improving their knowledge, experience and technical ability and have both just successfully, completed the British Judo Association UKCC level 1 coaching qualification. They now join the team increasing our coaching team to 7. Awesome job guys and well deserved.
Great day of Judo yesterday well done to Luke, Katie, Jack, and Alex who all helped out and well done to every one who collected their grades following the Judo Easter Camp. First class back in Pencae Primary after the Easter break and great turn out and great fun. That was followed up with a fantastic Junior class, 27 on the mat, then the Adults, Cadets fitness and conditioning class. only 10 of us on the mat for this one but great fun. Today we have St Bernadettes Primary, followed by Juniors at 6:30 and the Seniors at 7:30 its Randori tonight so bring your ippon's.
Hi, Just wanted to say thank you to the head & staff at St Davids Primary, for their very warm welcome Tues. Well done to all the students who took part in Judo display during the School Assembly & Congratulations to Lawrance Hill from St Davids who has been selected to train with the Welsh Judo Squad.

Parents don't forget we have our School Judo Camp, over half term, 20th,21st,22nd of Feb, the last three camps have sold out, so to reserve a place at Judo Camp simply text Jon on 07501904435 to reserve your place and parents can then pay on the day.

Hi All, Great weekend at Brecon at the Welsh Closed championships, xmas post cards back drop on the way down on the sunday and some great Judo during the competition. Well done to all that attended and supported the event. 

In the Juniors, Holly, Jess, Lawrance & Alys all took medals. Silver, Gold. Gold & Bronze respectively, well done to Spencer that took Gold in the masters, also well done to Jack and Greg who both fought well on the day. see you on that mat soon.

Judo Competition Maesteg 12th Nov

Hi Judo peeps, great competition yesterday, at Maesteg, many thanks to Kerry and his team for hosting a great competition, Many thanks to Jack who was mat side supporting our players, we had 12 players between 7-12 years old, girls and boys, testing their skills and training in a safe friendly, but competitive environment. Yes its challenging but seeing these young players competing and showing each other the highest levels of respect, win or loose is very rewarding, All those taking part we're a credit to the club, their schools and their parents. Also many thanks to all the parents with out who's support we could not attend these competitions, Well done all, great to coach and see these students growing ability & confidence.

 Breaking News for 2016 

Congratulations to Katie, who despite overcoming some serious injury's to her back and pelvis, (None Judo related I might add). She has worked hard on her recovery and completed her British Judo Association Level 1 Coaching Qualification, Great achievement well done and best wishes from everyone at CCMA Judo.  
Judo Update: What a great couple of weeks of Judo, really pleased with the way the Senior and Cadet classes, last 2 x thursdays we have had over 20 students on the mat in the Adult & Cadet session great class and many thanks all for the support.

Please be advised there is no Judo this Saturday, as one of our coaches, Jenny is getting married and all our coaches will be there and the following week is half term and Judo Camp

Juniors section is very busy and players have done really well winning medals at EGH Judo in RCT and at the British Schools Regional Championships. Coming up only a week to half term and our Schools Judo Camp at Cardiff Central Youth Club Dojo 24th, 25th, 26th. 9:00-4:30. to book just text Jon on 07501904435, we will reserve your place and parents can pay on the day.

In November we have the Maesteg Competition, saturday the 12th Nov, and the Welsh Closed championships are in Brecon on the 19th and the 20th November. Entry forms are on the WJA web site. see you on the mat soon.
Great Junior class last night at Cardiff Central Youth Club Dojo, all the kids celebrated with cake after class for Jack 21st birthday, and with Holly, Coral & Mason who all won medals at the EGH regional Judo competition over the weekend, well done guys. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the mat tonight for what is usually our busy night for the Cadets & Seniors. Regards Jon.A
Great session last night in the seniors & cadets technical session, 20 students on the mat for the senior class. Looking forward to tonight, Juniors 6:30, Seniors & Cadets 7:30. See you on the mat latter. Also a heads up, we have our Schools half term Judo Camp on the 24th, 25th and 26th of October. Places are going fast to reserve your place text your details to 07501904435 and we will reserve you a place and parents can pay on the day. For more information go to the events page on our web site
Hi, just wanted to say thank you to Hugh and his team at EGH Judo for their hospitality last night, 8 of us from CCMA Judo including players and coaches went up to Pontypridd on a club visit, had a great Randori session, which everyone enjoyed. Will defiantly be back to EGH again in the next couple of months and look forward to welcoming them to our club.

Great session last night at Cardiff Central Youth Club Dojo, juniors was busy and great to welcome some more new members to the club. Were of to St Bernadettes for the after school club and tonight were back in the Dojo Juniors 6:30, seniors & cadets 7:30 See you on the mat later.


First Thurs Judo after the summer, at Cardiff Central Judo Club, 18 in the juniors class and a great turn out for the cadets and seniors class. 

Gonna rest up tomorrow and looking forward to Saturday morning class turn out has been great all week. 

Thanks for your support, from me and all the coaches at Cardiff Central Judo Club.

08-09-2016: Great first Wednesday back after the holl's with a lot of new and returning members this is shaping up to be a busy term. 27 Juniors on the mat last night, followed by, the Cadets class which was all about Girl Power 7 Girls on the mat working hard and developing their Judo. Looking forward to tonight, Junior Class 6:30 Senior & Cadets class at 7:30.
Well summer is here, students are enjoying a well earned break from School or College or University, a small number however are using the break to take their Judo to the next level. Numbers as usual at this time of year, are down a bit. Uni members tend to return home. Families go on holiday, visit relatives etc.

But although numbers are down I have seen that with no school or classes to get up for, some students are kicking it up a notch, some training 2,3 or even 4 times this week so far and we have responded, with more challenging classes. Extending the time of classes, and the speed and volume of work we get through. It's been great fun trying to keep up, I've really enjoyed.

One student said to me after completing his third session in three days,? I don't get it I'm battered, my muscles are aching, my hands have no grip, my fingers are taped & my neck is red raw from my Gi, but I can't stop grinning, it doesn't make sense? I said Oh, that easy to explain, you're proud of yourself, that smile, that's Self Respect. 4 weeks left - COME GET SOME.


 Great week of Judo so far, Saturday, was the Welsh Juniors & Pre Cadets Open Judo Championships. Jack was coaching mat side and I was refereeing, we had five players competing in their first National Competition, they did a great Job taking 5 Medals.

Also have to say a big thank you, for the warm welcome from Gareth and his team at Duffryn Judo on Sunday, during our club visit, well attended and delivered class we will be back. Monday we delivered at Highcross Primary 2 x PE classes followed by popular after school Judo Club, well done to Jessica from this class that took a medal on Saturday.

Tuesday we were back in PE Class mode delivering three classes followed by our after school club at St Davids Primary well done to Lawrence and Morgan from this class that also took medals on Saturday.

Today coaches from CCMA will be delivering at Bryn Hafod Primary & Pencae Primary School followed by our Juniors class at 6:30 and our Seniors & Cadets class at 7:30 in in Cardiff Central Dojo tonight see you all on the mat.

Welsh Cadet & Pre Cadet 

2016 Open Championships

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you to a few people, following yesterdays 2016 Juniors & Pre-cadets, Welsh Judo Open Championships. Firstly thanks to Neil & Tracy who covered our saturday morning class, freeing me & Jack up to attend the competition.

This is the first time CCMA has entered students in the Welsh Open Championships, and it was great to see competitors from all over the uk and as far away as Finland. We had 5 students competing, Alex, Jessica, Harvey, Morgan & Lawrence did a great job in their first major competition.

They took their victories and defeats with great maturity, a credit to their club, their schools & their parents. They also managed to win 1 x Silver Medal and 4 x Bronze Medals. Well done guys a great performance.

CCMA thanks again to very one who came out to support the Judo camp last week, great event. I know schools have been off on Holls, but we are still open for business for Juniors (-12) Weds & Thurs at 6:30 & Saturday at 10:00am Seniors and Cadets, judo class starts at 7:30 Tues, Weds & Thurs in the Dojo in Cardiff Central Youth Club, for Seniors (+15) & Cadets (+12), all abilities welcome our Coaches, Clive, Jack, Katie, Jenny, Neil and myself will be glad to see you, very friendly group, train in a challenging safe environment, all abilities welcome, We do not run beginners classes as students with more experience are expected to support new students and help them develop, just as others have done for them, its our culture, we all support each other, to be the best that we can be. > 

Neil Rogers & Clive Rees Coaches - CCMA 

18th -04-2016 

 Hi Guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend enjoying the sun. Have to say many, thanks to Tracy & fellow coaches Richard Butler Neil Rogers, for covering the morning class at Cardiff Central youth club yesterday. Great job guys thanks very much!!! 

Judo Jack & Myself were down at Dragon Judo Academy, I was referring, and Jack did a great job of supporting our students and coaching mat side. Awesome job, Lawrence, Mason, Jessica & Alex, also first time competitors, Logan and Gwil. please can you all bring your medals to class with you so we can get a photo with your class mats.

For photo's of the event visit our Gallery Page!!!.

Last class before Christmas at St Davids Primary, great bunch of young Judoka, a pleasure to teach. ;look forward to seeing you at Judo Camp on the 21st and 22nd of December at Cardiff Central Youth Club Dojo, Home base of Cardiff Central Martial Arts. Really looking forward to next year when we will be selecting a team to represent the school at the EGH Mini Mon Competition well done all.  

Great Competition yesterday at Maesteg, well done to Kerry and his team and all the officials, Well done to all the guys from CCMA that competed, some of whom were competing in their first competition, Morgan from St Davids took Gold, Tony did great taking a Bronze in his first competition, Lawrance took a silver, Alex got a bronze and Zac got a Bronze. you represented the club brilliantly with your performances and your behaviour, thanks to Jack and Aliys and Niel that gave up their sunday to come along and support the guys proud of you all. Regards Jon.A

CCMA Update; Just wanted to say thanks to students & parents that came out to Judo Camp last week, our busiest camp ever, over 200 students, 73 on the last day. Thanks to Neil, Jenny, Jack, Tracy, Alys, Maya & Tom for helping, with out all your support we would not be able to run events like this. 

Really looking forward to the xmas camp, 21st & 22nd December, Santa will be making an appearance, some presents for the kids and a great party atmosphere if you wish to reserve a place just text Jon details on 07501904435 for the xmas camp.

Also have to say well done to Clive, Katie, Jack & Jenny all of whom will be completing their BJA UKCC L1 coaching qualifications at Dragon Academy in swansea on the 20th of December. 

Also have to say good luck to all the juniors that are fighting at Maesteg Mini Mon on the 9th November good luck all and remember to have fun and I'll see you there.

Finally don't forget the new "I AM Judoka" clothing line is now available to order online at our web site., excellent quality from Safewear Ltd in Cardiff and Logo designed by Jack and Katie.

Coming Soon, just in time for Christmas we are launching our new "I AM JUDOKA" clothing range, the new range will be available via the on line shop and will consist of Branded T shirt, Polo shirt, Hoodie and Training Jacket. Many thanks to Russ at Safewear LTD who have helped us put the designs and range together. Keep an eye on the shop page for more details soon. 

Great Day at Dragon Martial Arts Academy competition, well attended with over 140 entries, well done to Andrew and his team, have to say a big well done to Lawrance from St Davids Primary who took a silver. Well done to Zac also from St Davids who won all his fights and took gold. Well done to Jessica from High Cross Primary who took a gold and Izzy who took silver in the same weight group. Well done Maya from Whitchurch High who took gold and won all her fights by Ippon, well done Alys who had to fight in the Adult Cat. Despite this she won all her fights and took gold. Please bring all the bling in to class for team photo with the rest of the guys many thanks Jon.

 01-09-2015 High Judo peeps, hope everyone had a great bank holiday, really looking forward to Judo tonight, at Cardiff Central Martial Arts Seniors & Cadets are on at 7:30 tonight. Not been on the mat since Thursday and I have judo withdrawal, see you all later regards Jon.

 13-08-2015 Great session last night, enjoyed the class, 4 new members joining and a great turn out for summer time thanks to Katie and Jack for helping out. Tonight its the turn of the juniors at 6:30 and the Cadets and Adults at 7:30, Looking forward to joining in tonight should be a good turn out see you all later regards Jon.A

29/07/2015 Hi guys great session last night with the adults 12 of us on the mat, as Niel is sunning himself in Turkey, many thanks to fellow Dan Grade Jac for coming out to support the session. were open tonight for the Juniors and Cadets class starts at 6:30 see you on the mat later. As you may know were away with the Activity Camp in Pembrey Country Park, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday so no Judo Tues & Weds but we will be back in on Thursday next week as Normal. 

 13th 07 2015 Hi All, Apologies just received a call from Highcross Primary, No Judo today, it's year 6th leavers Concert and awards ceremony, and the hall is busy. We will now complete the Gold awards for year 5 first class back in sept on the 7th. Have a great day see you after the summer holidays. In the mean time, we will have classes running as normal at the Cardiff Central dojo, we have our residential Schools Activity Camp at Pembrey Country park on the 3rd 4th & 5th August and will be running a Judo Camp at Central Dojo on the 24th 25th and 26th of August Regards Jon.

 Have to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported our Judo Competition at Cardiff Central. To many to mention individually, but thanks to St Bernadettes and St David's schools & St Johns who lent us 350 chairs, thanks Huw and the team from EGH Judo for lending us loads of mats & supporting the planning & delivery of the competition, big thanks to my team from Cardiff Central Martial Arts who all worked like Spartans to set up the hall and support the competition. Also have to say massive thank you to the team at Cardiff Central Youth Club for supporting us at the venue. Also big thanks to the teams from the WJA and BJA officials that coped with an extremely busy comp with hard work and professionalism, and finally a big thank you to all the clubs coaches parents & players who entered the competition, we were just shy of 250 competitors and altogether around 800 people attended the event. We learned a great deal from running the event and look forward to next year. Many Thanks Jon. CCMA photos of the event will be up on the Facebook group and the web site shortly feel free to down load any good ones and thanks again everyone for a great day

Hi Judo peeps, today coaches from Cardiff Central Dojo will be delivering Judo at St Davids Primary School, and tonight its the turn of the Cadets and adults 7:30 at Cardiff Central Dojo. As you may know on the 4th of July we have our mini-mon competition which is being held in the sports hall at Cardiff Central Youth Club on the 4th of July. Its our first competition in Cardiff and we need as many Graded players as possible, to enter we will be bringing entry forms to all the classes this week or you can down load an entry form from the Welsh Judo Association web site if any one has any questions just give me a bell on 07501904435


Yesterday went well, Great three class in Highcross Primary and thank you to Jack and Alex for coming out to support the class. following this Me Jack Katie and Alex went over to EGH Judo last night and had a great welcome and a fun session thanks Huw for the hospitality your guys are welcome over at Cardiff Central Dojo any time. Today coaches from Cardiff Central Martial Arts will be delivering Judo at St Davids Primary and this evening Judo is on at Cardiff Central at 7:30 for Cadets & Seniors, Suits are in for those who are waiting see you later Regards Jon.A


Had a fun session in Cardiff Central Dojo last night with the Cadets and Juniors, thanks to Jack for coming down to support the session, today coaches from Cardiff Central Martial Arts, will be delivering Judo in St Bernadettes Primary and this evening it's the Juniors at 6:30 Cadets & Seniors at 7:30 we have a few new seniors in tonight, be great to see everyone cheers Jon.A


Great session last night at Cardiff Central Dojo, nice to welcome another new member to the adult class, Malcolm took to Judo for the first time like a duck to water well done. Tonight we have Judo for the Juniors and the Cadets at 6:30 Myself Katie and Jack will be down later see you on the mat. Its only 2 1/2 weeks till our Judo competition at Cardiff Central on the 4th of July entry forms are available on the web site at Events Page Regards. Jon


Awesome session this morning, Nice to see some of the Dads stepping up to show the youngsters how its done, Between them and the Cadets and Juniors it was really busy on the mat. Have a great weekend everyone and we will be back on the mat on Tuesday night. In the mean time can I ask everyone entering the competition on the 4th of July get there entry forms in ASAP. Forms can be down loaded from the events page of the WJA web site or from the Academy site at Regards Jon, any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

 Judo peeps, we have schools Judo camp starting tomorrow at Cardiff Central Youth Club, Ocean Park, Ocean Way, Cardiff CF24 5 HF Weds, thurs, Fri, 9:30-4:30 each day, No experience necessary all welcome, if you would like to visit, but have not had a chance to book, don't worry just text Jon your details on 07501904435, to reserve a place and you can pay on the day, have loads already booked looking forward to seeing everyone on the mat thanks Jon


Just wanted to say thank you to the staff at Glynderw High & Sport Cardiff for their warm welcome last week as coaches from Cardiff Central Martial Arts visited to deliver taster judo sessions with year eight, and thanks to Jack for coming along to assist with the class.


Really enjoyed last nights class, at Cardiff Central Dojo, many thanks to Katie who came down to assist with the class, great turn out and everyone worked hard and had fun. Tonights its Juniors 6:30 Seniors & Cadets 7:30. Will have the hole tribe with us tonight so see everyone later. Don't forget Judo Camp next week Weds, Thurs, Friday. If you have not had a chance and would like to attend just drop us a text on 07501904435 to reserve your place and you can pay on the day. Regards Jon.A  


Great session tonight at Cardiff Central as we hosted players from CIACS Rugby club. Great bunch and they worked their sons off and had a lot of fun in the process. Thanks to Jamie for organising the visit and Greg, Clive, Dan, Alex & Jess for coming out to support the session.


Great class last night at Cardiff Central Dojo, thanks to fellow Dan Grade Clive for coming out to support the class, Will and Alex trained well and good luck to Kate who will be going for her senior Red belt next week. Tonight we have Judo for Cadets & Juniors at 6:30 great chance to get some practice in before Camp and competitions that are coming up. Me Katie and Tracy will be in at 6:30. Due to the additional classes we have room for more students, So we are offering a free Judo Gi to new members while stocks last, so to book your free lesson ring us on 07501904435 see you later regards Jon..

Hi Judo peeps, great session on Saturday morning at Cardiff Central Dojo, 14 students on the mat 1/2 Juniors, 1/2 cadets, but all worked hard and had some fun. Tonight we have Judo at Cardiff Central Dojo, 7:30pm great session for those getting ready for Comps or Camp and for those who have not yet made a return to the mat dust of your Gi's and come on down, see you later Jon.A 

5th-01-2015 Sorry not posted for a few days, Just been busy, did a schools assembly Monday with 200 students that went really well, Highcross was was also great on Monday, taught over 60 students in one school, great teachers & head and the kids are fantastic, very lucky to be working with such a great school. 

Tuesday at St Davids had a new member join and the students are progressing well, more than half have started to visit the Dojo as well as school classes, thanks to Emily, for helping out with this class. 
Weds at Llanishen had 24 students on the mat and another new student joining, thanks to Tal for assisting with these classes. 
Thursday was a our main adult and cadet session at Cardiff Central Dojo, had 18 on the mat and two new members join, many thanks to Clive for assisting with these classes and much more at the club.
Friday at Whitchurch its all about Girl power, a dozen students on the mat and 10 of them are girls, its great to have high school age girls engaging with Judo and really starting to progress and attend sessions at the Dojo as well. 
Today I'm of on yet another compulsory training course with the British Judo Association in Newbury. thanks everyone who's involved with any of the above with out your support we could not run all these classes, have a great day and see you on the Mat Judo peeps.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the coaches and parents that assisted us with the Xmas Judo Camp this year at Cardiff Central Dojo, Our busiest camp at the new Dojo so far with 133 students attending over the two day event. Well done guys you are a credit to the club and your schools Happy new year to you all and look forward to working with you all during 2015.

 30-11-2014 Yesterday Players from CCMA represented the Academy at the Maesteg regional Mini Mon competition, The competition was well attended and professionally delivered by the team from Maesteg Judo Club and the WJA Officials. Our students faced some players with a lot more experience during their contests, but undaunted competed well demonstrating true Judo Spirit and were all able to secure medals. Lucas De la Rua competed in the Boys under -38 Kilos and won a gold, Alys Murphy competed in the under -46Kilos and took gold and Luke Comfort competed in the under -48k and took a bronze. congradulations to the medal winners.

 19-11-2014 CCMA Update, Just wanna say a massive well done to, Alys, Dylan, Luke, Lucas, Errin, Harvey, Cole, Anna, Amy, Merick & Alex who represented the academy at the Welsh Squad Development session over the weekend at the WIS. As Eastern Classes have now ceased, I will be heading up the Cadets and Seniors Session on Tuesdays at Central at 7:30. See you on the Mat Ousse!!

 1-11-2014 CCMA Update 

No Judo tonight at Eastern Leisure Centre, Due to the leisure centre closing shortly for refurbishment, However e will still have junior classes available on Weds at Llanishen Leisure and Thursdays at Central Dojo and Saturday Morning at 10.00am, We are open for business tonight, "Judo Business" at Cardiff Central Martial Arts Dojo,. Its Cadets & seniors tonight and me and Clive will be in for 7:30pm. look forward to seeing you on the mat, Jon.A 

SCHOOLS JUDO CAMP Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the students and parents that came out to support the Judo Camp at Cardiff Central Dojo this half term. We had just under 120 students attend the camp over the three days and all enjoyed and worked really hard with out your support we would not be able to run events like this.