"Don't be a Predator - Don't be a Victim - Don't be a Bystander" 

CCMA Judo 'Schools Safety First'

Following the success last year of our Project Shield initiate with partnership schools in the Cardiff, Newport and Caerphilly areas. We delivered a term of P.E lessons specifically designed to reprogram students automated fall responses, to dramatically reduce their chance of serious injury.
This year we are proud to announce launching a new initiative “Safety First’. This initiative is designed to support schools and give teachers an additional tool they can use to combat bullying in schools. Classes will aim to increase students physical literacy, confidence and resilience. We aim to support the school by providing an additional lever that teachers can use in the fight against bullying.

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Cardiff Central Martial Arts Academy provides classes & self defence to schools & the public. Our aim is to promote martial arts & core values of co-operation, persistence & efficiency as a life style choice. For us & our many members, we live these values every day. In return we develop, strong, capable, confident, people who hold respect for themselves & those around them.  We work in a safe, challenging, environment, not in pursuit of medals or glory, but in an attempt to be the best that we can be.

Through constant efficiency of thought and movement we strengthen or mind. 

Through respectful co-operation with those around us we strengthen our spirit.

Through relentless persistence and practice we strengthen our bodies.

Simply, it's a way of Life and it's for everyone.                                                                                                                                                                      

Japan Visit 2020

CCMA Judo Aka Cardiff Central Martial Arts Academy has been invited by Sensei Yazu to visit his club in Japan 2020. Attached is a brochure including a 10 day itinerary plan for 28 students & parents created by Yazu. CCMA will be organising a fundraiser on Facebook and our website and will also have a donation bucket at our Dojo to put towards this exciting opportunity. This training camp will be for Yellow Belts and above. If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity and would like to share this experience with your child contact CCMA on 07742448880. If you would like to support the club and donate towards this exciting visit to Japan you can find a donation button on our Facebook page at Cardiff Central Martial Arts or on our website below.

CCMA will also have a donation bucket at our Dojo on Ocean Way, Ocean Park, Cardiff, CF24 5HF. All donations will be much appreciated. 

When donating please enter Japan Visit 2020.